How to Make Rap Music - The Easiest Proven Ways

By Adam Yorkshire

Your dream of becoming the best musician in the history of rap music is just around the corner. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to help you get up to your feet and create your own music that everybody will love. The stress-free ways are here to help you get started. The first easy way to do is to think of your subject. You can rap almost about anything that life could bring. But it’s recommended that you rap things that really concern you, your observations in life, your personality, or your feelings. This way, real emotions can be easily passed from your song to the listeners. You can also use current events as your topic for your rap music. Ensure it’s something your listeners can easily relate. It has to be something that became instantly popular. Your bass line is something worth considering when making rap music. You can start with a low tone and slowly work on every tone and beat within the bass line. Ensure that every tone works perfectly with other tones…

What Happened to Rock and Roll ?!

What Happened to Rock n Roll? by Adam Yorkshire Rock and Roll was a musical genre born from the ashes of American Blues. With its popularity, came excess, sexual expression and ground-breaking cultural revolutions that cemented the genre as the permanent enemy of parents all over the world. Yet, today's Rock music seems to not only be best friends with most parents. It has become completely irrelevant, repetitious, predictable, and faked. 70-80s were high times for rock Musicians, but now they are very few new rock Bands such as QUEEN, RUSH, Pink Floyd, Boston and many more! You may be asking yourself "Who killed Rock and Roll?" and the answer is a mixture of the fans, the artists themselves and the record giants. Also, the more important question is what happened to rock n roll? Evolution of Rock Music Rock and Roll, to the dismay of many a frightened parent, was here to stay. The kids became the focus of record company executives. The music does not only introduce a new …

Traveling in ASIA in 2019 !

Our purpose in life is to discover who we truly are and what our main goal is. In order to learn about yourself, you go to school, study, and meet new people. Another important way of discovering yourself is through traveling. If you remain in a single place and don’t explore, your life is going to get very boring. Traveling to new places can brighten up your eyes. You start to see the world from a different perspective. The world has different countries, religions, cultures and people. You always learn something new and exciting by visiting a different country. Today I will be telling you about traveling to Asia. I will also tell you about different countries in Asia and how their religion affects their society. 1.India India is the land of diverse people. It is one of the largest countries in term of population. India is very cheap for a tourist. You can get all the tourist luxuries at a very affordable price. Indian cuisine is very rich. Every province and city in India offers wide …

World Religion - A Comparison